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Committed to the Community

I am Alphonso Small, and I am running to be your next representative on the Beaufort County Council. As a South Carolina native, I was raised on the values of hard work, dedication to family, and service to others. Too often we see politicians trying to make a name for themselves. I’m running because I believe public servants should actually serve the public. 


I am a former correctional officer, and I have worked as a police officer. After moving to Bluffton, I started my own trucking company, Smalls Transportation. I meet people every day who work hard, and do their best to raise a family. It’s harder to do just that here in Beaufort County.


  • Housing costs are skyrocketing and out of reach for our essential workforce

  • Unchecked growth is putting a strain on our resources

  • Overcrowding has lead to dangerous, congested roadways 


We have seen unbelievable growth in Beaufort County over the past decade. That can be a good thing, but it comes with new challenges. I consider myself blessed to call Beaufort County home, but I have seen how some people struggle to enjoy all of the benefits of living here. Whether it’s the young school teacher that needs a second job to pay rent, or a retiree that has a hard time driving around town on crowded roads. My experience allows me to see the needs and offer solutions. I know we can do more to make sure this is a safe and comfortable place to live. We need prosperity for all.


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